Don't be a victim of scam

Remember: the Municipality of Heredia does not make telephone calls to taxpayers to request information, offer payment arrangements or discounts.

Never give personal information, your accounts or debit or credit cards over the phone, much less to strangers.


Formulario de actualización de datos

Formulario de actualización de datos


Si tiene alguna duda con respecto al formulario puede consultarnos al teléfono 2277-1420 / 2277-6725 o al correo


General information

Place or means to receive notifications

Do not use dashes or spaces.
Do not use dashes or spaces.

If you are:

It includes properties and / or land in private graveyards.


Manage or own businesses in the Cantón.

Commercial properties

Rent niches in municipal graveyards or commercial locals in the municipal market.


Municipal market

You sell products or services to the Municipality.

This form can also be delivered in physical in the municipality. You can download it here and give it full with your details to our offices.