Don't be a victim of scam

Remember: the Municipality of Heredia does not make telephone calls to taxpayers to request information, offer payment arrangements or discounts.

Never give personal information, your accounts or debit or credit cards over the phone, much less to strangers.


Functions of the municipal council

Functions of the municipal council

Set policy and development priorities of the municipality, according to the government program registered by the municipal mayor for the period for which he was elected .

Agreeing and approving budgets contributions, fees and prices charged for municipal services , and propose projects to municipal taxes the Legislature.

Issue the rules of the Corporation under this Act .

Sort by regulation, the provision of municipal services .

Reach agreements , commit funds or property and to authorize the expenditure of the municipality , excluding fixed costs and procurement of goods and services under the jurisdiction of the municipal mayor , as the regulation is issued, which shall comply with the principles the Administrative Contracting Act No. 7494 of May 2, 1995 and its regulations.

Appoint and remove the auditor or accountant , as appropriate, and the Secretary of the Council.

Appoint directly , by simple majority , members of the Management Boards of the official schools and Boards of Education , who may be removed only for cause . Also by the same majority , appoint the representatives of municipalities before any court or agency that requires them .

In actions to be known in accordance with this code.

Suggest to the Legislative Assembly bills necessary for municipal development , so that host them , present and pending. Also evacuate legislative consultations on pending projects .

I agree to hold plebiscites, referenda and town councils in accordance with regulations to be drawn up with the advice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, observed as to the form and implementation of these popular consultations as mandated by the electoral legislation .

In celebration of plebiscites , referenda and municipal councils engaged , delegates appointed by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal , who shall demonstrate that the formal requirements of the Code and the regulations were met supraindicado must be present . Court delegates monitor the proper implementation of the above processes .

Approve the Municipal Development Plan and Annual Operating Plan , which draw the Mayor based on his agenda . These plans form the basis of the budget process of the municipalities.

Meet the audit reports or accounting, as appropriate and resolve as appropriate.

Create special commissions and standing committees assign roles .

Confer honors in accordance with regulations to be issued for the purpose.

Report to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the faults to justify the automatic removal from office of alderman or mayor .

Dictate urban planning measures .

Constitute mayor initiative public facilities , industrial and commercial enterprises and public authorize the establishment of mixed companies .

Authorize memberships in national and foreign, public or private, it deems appropriate for the benefit of the county.

Other powers that the law expressly stated.